graphical examples

Seewave-Ex1-Small Seewave-Ex2-Small Seewave-Ex3-Small Seewave-Ex4-Small Seewave-Ex5-Small Seewave-Ex6-Small
Multi-frame oscillogram Multi-frame oscillogram
with full colour modifications
Envelope overlaid on oscillogram Envelope and automatic temporal measurements Spectral analyses 2D-spectrogram
Seewave-Ex7-Small Seewave-Ex8-Small Seewave-Ex9-Small Seewave-Ex10-Small Seewave-Ex11-Small Seewave-Ex12-small
Dominant frequency overlaid on spectrogram 2D spectrogram and oscillogram with full colour modifications Sound synthesis Fundamental frequency
overlaid on spectrogram
Multiframe output 3D-spectrogram animated
Seewave-Ex13-Small Seewave-Ex14-Small Seewave-Ex15-Small Seewave-Ex16-Small Seewave-Ex17-Small Seewave-Ex18-Small
Instantaneous frequency
(Hilbert transform)
Removing amplitude modulations Generation of echoes Frequency filter
Envelope comparaison Spectrum
Seewave-Ex19-Small Seewave-Ex20-Small Seewave-Ex21-Small Seewave-Ex22-Small Seewave-Ex23-Small Seewave-Ex24-Small
Waterfall plot Symbol analysis Changing the color palette Computing specific spectra dB weightings Quantitative data multi-plot
Seewave-Ex25-Small Seewave-Ex26-Small Seewave-Ex27-Small Seewave-Ex28-Small Seewave-Ex29-Small Seewave-Ex30-Small
Octave series
Peaks detection
Local peak detection
Animated frequency bands
Contour spectrogram
Dominant frequency track
in noisy conditions
Seewave-Ex31-Small Seewave-Ex32-Small Seewave-Ex33-Small Seewave-Ex34-Small Seewave-Ex35-Small Seewave-Ex36-Small
Dominant frequency track
Spectrogram annotation
Oscillogram highlight
Wide spectrogram
Long spectrogram
C major scale
Seewave-Ex37-Small Seewave-Ex38-Small Seewave-Ex39-Small Seewave-Ex40-Small Seewave-Ex41-Small Seewave-Ex42-Small
ggplot2 spectrogram with contour
ggplot2 spectrogram other output
tonal synthesis: FM reversion
tonal synthesis: linear frequency shift
tonal synthesis: square function
tonal synthesis: Bell-like shape